A Secret Weapon For tablet houder

From 1 July 2019 it is restricted to hold or utilize your phone while biking. Yes, you review that right, you can additionally be fined if you just hold your smartphone in your hand. If you do have your phone in your hand, you can be fined no less than EUR95 (+ EUR9 administration costs). So it is recommended to keep your phone in your pocket or place it in a phone owner when you get on your bike. But just how wonderful and also secure are the mobile phone holders for your bike? Recently we extensively tested the Dresco Phone Holder for your bicycle on 3 factors: User-friendliness, vibration and rate.


Our very first idea is that the silicone phone owner doesn't look really strong to put your pricey phone in, however nothing could be further from the reality! This universal phone holder works very easily. Firstly, you can easily position the holder on your bike. The holder can be put on various bars and appropriates for every single bicycle. When you have actually secured the holder effectively, place your phone in the owner by positioning the elastic nearby of your phone. The flexible owner allows you to put numerous phones in the owner, such as the current apple iphone, Huawei phones and Samsung phones. The holder is extremely straightforward, very easy and can be set up by any individual. It is particularly designed for phones that are put in and taken out more often. The only disadvantage is that the holder is not water resistant.


Because the holder does not look strong, we had our uncertainties whether the phone remained strongly in the owner. It is naturally useful when you have your navigation on, that you can also follow it. Yet we are really surprised about the toughness of the holder. We have actually checked the owner on an electric bicycle with a maximum speed of 25 km/h and on various roadways. Because of the silicone material of the owner, it wets shocks as well as resonances. Therefore, the phone shakes extremely little on different roadway surface areas, to ensure that you can continue to follow the navigation and also your phone is extremely securely in it.


What is not unimportant is the rate. This phone owner is extremely friendly valued with an amount of EUR 9.99. A fine of EUR104 or a phone owner of EUR9.99? I believe I know the solution.


We are pleasantly surprised by the Dresco phone owner. The magnetische telefoonhouder phone holder is very straightforward. You set up the owner on your handlebars within a couple of seconds and also it is ready for usage. Putting your phone in the holder is really easy. You can conveniently wrap the edges with which you attach the phone around your phone, to make sure that it stays firmly in position. The corners are simple to move to make sure that all secrets remain obtainable. We have thoroughly evaluated the phone owner on different roadway surfaces as well as the phone sits really securely in the holder. The phone shakes only a little on a poor road surface, yet the navigation is still very easy to follow. Regrettably, the phone holder is not water resistant, making it unsuitable for outside tasks such as mountain cycling.

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